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As a parent or guardian, searching for a great nanny for your family might be one of the most stressful things to do. There are so many questions that need to be answered. Where do I look for a great nanny? What interview questions should I ask?  How do I know she isn’t crazy like the nannies are in Lifetime movies? How much experience should she have? How much should she be paid? What can we ask her to do while she is in our home?

The nanny-hiring process can be very overwhelming, but relax and read on because we are here to help with every single detail!

Here are just a few of the reasons why working with an agency is a great choice when hiring a nanny…

You’ll Save SO Much Time
You could spend hours on Google searching for the answers to all of the above questions (and then some) and still feel totally lost. An agency professional will come to you with answers to all of your questions, written materials that will help you along the way, and he or she will be there for you from now on. You will also be given great insight on your city’s nanny market. Talking to your sister-in-law in San Francisco about her nanny will not necessarily prepare you for a nanny search here in Boston. A great placement counselor has a level of expertise in the nanny industry that is unparalleled, and you will have full access to their knowledge.

Help Through the Process
Your placement counselor will guide you through all of the tough questions, let you know what to expect, and be there as your support system through the hiring process. They will help make the hiring process as easy and stress-free as possible.  Not sure if a certain nanny is right for your family? Your placement counselor can listen to your concerns objectively and offer sound advice. They will work as your advocate, ensuring that you find the best caregiver for your unique family situation.  They will also be doing all of the legwork that you probably do not have time for, such as preliminary interviews, reference checks, and background checks. They coordinate family-nanny interviews, hiring negotiations, and assist you in preparing a written agreement.

Solid Foundation
One of the best parts of working with an agency is the help they offer in laying a solid foundation for your nanny/family relationship.  An agency’s goal for you is happy parents, happy children, and a nanny who is so happy that she plans to stay in her position for a long time to come.

Access to an Exclusive Nanny Network
Here is a fact you may not be aware of: The best nannies in Boston are most likely working with an agency.  A professional nanny knows the benefits of working with an agency, and they know agencies have their best interests in mind. When a family conducts their nanny search through an agency they are guaranteed access to some of the BEST nannies in their area.

Ongoing Support
As mentioned earlier, an agency will help you write a great nanny/family agreement, but your placement counselor will also be there for you if you run into any issues down the road that you are unsure how to handle.  Placement counselors can offer great advice on troubleshooting issues that may arise. They will also be ready to step in and help find a new nanny if yours has to leave for any unforeseen reason.

Are you ready to work with an agency?  Click here to get your nanny search started with the professionals at Boston Nanny Centre. We would love to help you!