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Household Staffing Services

Why Work with the Boston Nanny Centre?

In addition to working with Boston’s most qualified nannies, the Boston Nanny Centre offers a range of additional household staffing services for your convenience. We also staff household managers, housekeepers, personal assistants, chefs, and concierge services to help you stay organized and free up your time to do the things you love most.

Our Signature Placement Process

Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts


Household Staffing Application

Complete and submit our thorough Staffing Application right here on our website. A member of our dedicated team will reach out and personally guide you through each stage of the placement process, answering questions and providing support wherever and whenever needed.


We’ll get to know your position requirements, employee preferences, and understand your unique staffing needs as we set about finding a qualified individual to become a valued member of your household.

Candidate Portfolio

Our incredibly selective staffing application process allows us to curate a portfolio of only the most experienced and dedicated candidates, worthy of your time and consideration. Each one hand selected based on your individual preferences and needs.

Hiring Your Household Staff

Make your staff selection, and complete the hiring process. We provide you with an employer-employee contract, ensuring each party is clear about all expectations and responsibilities, as well as support for your legal and tax obligations, putting you in touch with payroll services.

Going Beyond

Even after a successful staffing placement, we extend our relationship further to ensure a smooth transition and assist in the cultivation of a safe, trusting, and long-lasting employment relationship.

No matter what the type of care your family needs, we’re here for you.

Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts

Household Managers

Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts


Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts

Personal/Family Assistants

Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts


Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts


Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts

Concierge Services

I have been working with the Boston Nanny Center for eight years. It is a GREAT agency to work for. The recruiters are simply AMAZING! All of them are so knowledgeable and selfless! I have always felt appreciated and valued!

I highly recommend Boston Nanny Center for nannies and for families. Their team is really nice and really knows the nanny world very well. It is very clear that the placement counselors have both the nanny and the family best interests at heart.

I have always had a wonderful experience with the Boston Nanny Centre. I have always been placed with families that match my personality and my philosophy on how to raise kids. If you are looking for someone or a position, look here first...


In addition to providing qualified nannies, the Boston Nanny Centre offers a range of household staffing support service for your convenience. Our goal is to make the entire placement process seamless and transparent for all parties involved.

How do I get started?

Clients start our process by completing our online household staffing application. A placement counselor will email you upon receipt of the application to set up a time for a consultation that will ensure we have an accurate understanding of both the position you’re looking to fill, as well as the type of candidate you are most interested in considering. An engagement fee is taken at that time.

Does BNC provide support in creating the written agreement between the employer and household employee?

Absolutely. We have created a family-staff agreement template that we tailor for each individual position which outlines all aspects of the placement, including the base schedule, core job responsibilities, compensation, and paid time off. We’re here for guidance on how to create a competitive, fair agreement for both parties.

Who pays the household employee’s salary and what about taxes?

Once hired by a BNC client, the candidate becomes their household employee. The client pays the employee directly for hours worked. We advise our clients to use a payroll company for simplicity and ease. A payroll company will make sure the employee’s paycheck reflects all applicable tax deductions and will provide the client with the necessary tax documents at the end of the year. GTM Payroll Services offers a free consultation to explain taxes and payroll and to provide support. The client is responsible for certain taxes as a household employer. These payroll taxes consist of FUTA (federal unemployment tax), SUTA (state unemployment tax), and one half of FICA (social security and Medicare tax). Worker’s Compensation is legally required in the state of Massachusetts, as well.

For your convenience, here is a calculator to estimate your federal and state tax obligations for a household employee.

What if things don’t work out with the employee?

We are proud that while most of our household staff sign a one-year minimum contract, many stay with their employers for years, and when their service is no longer needed, they confidently return to us for new placements. Yet, if for some reason, things don’t work out with your first placement, we offer a generous returning client credit policy.

How quickly can you find me a household employee?

We recommend that each client gives themselves 4-8 weeks of lead time to find a household employee but we are able to accommodate shorter timelines. Depending on the difficulty and requirements of the search, it may take more than 8 weeks to find the perfect person.

How many candidates will you have for us to consider?

We hand-select candidates for each specific search, so many clients only end up seeing between one and four candidates before making a decision. It is common for our clients to make a decision after seeing only one or two candidates, however, we keep working with a family until we find the right match!

What areas do you serve?

The entirety of Boston and the Greater Boston Area and beyond. Specific towns include: Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Malden, Winthrop, Arlington, Watertown, Waltham, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Needham, Dedham, Milton, Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, Hingham, Cohasset, Duxbury, Canton, Norwood, Westwood, Medfield, Dover, Sherborn, Wayland, Weston, Framingham, Lincoln, Maynard, Lexington, Bedford, Concord, Carlisle, Woburn, Stoneham, Wakefield, Lynnfield, Burlington, Sharon, Natick, Belmont, Acton, Melrose, Winchester and beyond. If you don’t see your location listed here, please contact us.

What does your background check include?

Our background check covers: a comprehensive criminal history, criminal history checks in each county that the subject has resided in, federal criminal history checks in each state the subject has resided in, the sex offender registry, the national security watch list, and a driving record check (if applicable).

What do household staff generally earn?

Presently, we are seeing a general range of $30-$45+ per hour for household employees in the Boston market.

Looking for a Nanny?

We offer full time, live-in and live-out nanny services to fit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Learn more about our nanny placement process and apply here.

Looking for a Babysitter?

Don’t need a full or part-time nanny, but instead support for more occasional special evenings or events?

Learn more about our babysitting services here.

We're here to help. When reaching out, please feel welcome to provide some information about the role you're looking to fill, such as location, a bit about your specific needs, children's ages (if applicable), and desired schedule, so we can best advise you.


If you are a nanny who is interested in a specific position we have available, please let us know which one caught your eye.

Questions about our services?