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A la Carte Background Checks
& Screening Services

Why Work with the Boston Nanny Centre?

The Boston Nanny Centre offers a range of screening services to family clients who have identified a candidate independently and would like the agency’s support to determine the candidate’s viability. We offer background checks, consultations, and contract preparation.

One-hour Consultation ~ $475

  • 60 minute consult on nanny hiring process including what qualities to look for in a nanny, how to market your job to attract the right type of candidate, communication during the interview process and after, legal obligations as an employer, salary ranges, and benefits.
  • Detailed interview questions and suggestions for best hiring practices.
  • Advice during the nanny/family negotiation process.
  • Post-placement support for the life of the placement, including troubleshooting and conversations about quarterly/yearly reviews and raises.

Post-Hire/Contract Package ~ $475

  • 30 minute phone consultation reviewing details of the job requirements.
  • Complete contract preparation using Boston Nanny Centre’s comprehensive template and tailored to family’s needs.
  • Revision of contract after initial draft reviewed by family.
  • Verified signature from candidate.
  • Copy of contract held at Boston Nanny Centre.
  • Post-placement support for life of placement related to fulfillment of contract details by family and nanny.
  • Contract update at time of 1 year job renewal.

Comprehensive Background Check ~ $475

  • National sex offender registry clearance.
  • Security watch list clearance.
  • Comprehensive criminal history search.
  • County-level criminal history search.
  • Federal criminal history search.
  • Driving record check (if applicable).

We're here to help. When reaching out, please feel welcome to provide some information about the role you're looking to fill, such as location, a bit about your specific needs, children's ages (if applicable), and desired schedule, so we can best advise you.


If you are a nanny who is interested in a specific position we have available, please let us know which one caught your eye.

Questions about our services?