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Are you searching for ways to create a great communication system with your nanny?  Parenting is a tough, crazy job, and sometimes the small details can get lost in the shuffle.
As we shared in our article “How to Create a Great Working Relationship With Your Nanny,” communication with your nanny is KEY.  

We have created a list of resources to help you and your nanny “keep it all together!”


Even for the not-so-tech-savvy, there are several apps that are easy to navigate and can keep you and your nanny on track. You can download them for free or a small fee.  
Here are our favorites:

Week Calendar
Week Calendar allows you to share a calendar with your nanny, so you can update soccer practice times, a change in the nanny’s schedule, upcoming vacations.. the list goes on.  Updates are live time, so you’re sure to be in sync with your nanny.

Baby Timer
Featured in the New York Times and Baby Talk Magazine, this app is a must have for new parents!  Here you can see (live time) how your baby’s schedule is going, when and how much they have eaten, slept, and all of the other *ahem* activities babies do throughout the day.  With features like email export and a view of how your baby’s days are “trending,” this is an excellent tool for parents and nannies.

Nest Notes
Nest Notes allows you and your nanny to share photos, videos and milestones with each other and specific people that you add to your group (grandma and grandpa?)  The app is secure and all of your photos are private, so it is an excellent alternative to sharing photos of your child on social media, or receiving several text messages from your nanny during business hours.

NannyNotes Baby Tracker Sheet
NannyNotes is a digital “daily sheet” replacement. With an intuitive and easy to use baby tracker, caregivers can quickly log sleep schedules, diapers, feedings and activities with notes, photos and videos that are immediately available for parents.

The mother of all list-making apps, Trello is like a digital post-it board.  Color code to do lists, sync your calendar, and email important information directly to your shared boards.  With Trello you can organize anything in a snap.

Cozi Family Organizer
A 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner, Cozi is a great family organizer app that allows you to keep everything in one place. Schedules, grocery lists, recipes, and much more.

Communication Binders

Sometimes a good old fashioned notebook is all you need to keep up with important information.  Consider having one in a specific location (so you always know where to find it) and have your nanny journal all of the important things there each day.  Need some prompts? We’ve got you covered! Here some we really love.

“While We Are Out” printable

Pearhead Baby’s Daily Log Book, 50 Easy to Fill Pages to Track and Monitor Your Newborn Baby’s Schedule

Free printable family planner

Weekly and bi-weekly time tracking templates

Mileage Tracker logs


Do you have any apps or journals you love?  Join us on Facebook and tell us all about them. We’d love to hear from you!