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A nanny-family relationship is unique in that the nanny is an employee, yet works in your household, is privy to very personal and private parts of your family, and is taking care of what is most precious to you. A great nanny will know you so well that she can anticipate what you and your children will need before you even think of it. She will know how your home runs, your likes and dislikes, and she will work hard to ensure your children are being cared for with your preferences in mind.

Because of the nature of the job, a lot goes into maintaining a professional relationship with your nanny. Emotions and feelings can impact that relationship in ways different from a traditional professional relationship, so it is important to lay a solid foundation from the start. A key part of that foundation is to make sure that the job description and your expectations of the nanny are made clear before she begins work.

We cannot stress enough how important written nanny/family agreement is in the nanny-hiring process. We believe it is key to setting you and your nanny up for a long, happy relationship.

What is a nanny/family agreement?
This agreement is a place to write down every detail of the nanny’s job description. It will include items such as work schedule, nanny’s responsibilities, as well as how much and when the nanny will be paid. Many families will include a privacy disclosure, too. The agreement can be personalized to your family’s unique situation and desires.

Before the nanny begins working with your family, it is important to take time to sit down with her and go over the written agreement and sign it together. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows their part and their responsibility in the working relationship.

What should be included in the agreement?
You will want to include the days and times the nanny is expected to work each week and the specific responsibilities she will have. Example: Will she be in charge of any pets? Will she be doing any household chores or personal assistant tasks? Grocery shopping? Errands? Driving carpool? These are the things that should be included in the written agreement.

Next, will you be providing any paid vacation/sick days? How should the nanny go about asking for time off? Will you be withholding taxes from her paycheck? All of these things should be included. You may also add a privacy disclosure and a date that the contract expires.

Lastly, do you have any of your own items you would like to include? Maybe you want the nanny to acknowledge and sign that she will never text while driving, or that she will not smoke or come to work smelling of smoke. You may also include the chosen rate for mileage reimbursements or specify if the nanny will be driving the family vehicle. Every agreement can be tailored to your unique situation, so things that are very important to you (or your nanny) should always be included.

How to approach your nanny with a written agreement.
Some families feel apprehension when approaching the nanny to go over the agreement. They may feel that they are asking too much, or the nanny will not approve. On the contrary, a professional nanny will want to have a written agreement and may even ask you first. The written agreement gives the nanny a feeling of job security and also respect. If you take the time to go over a written agreement with your nanny, she will feel that you genuinely respect her as a professional, and this will encourage her to do an even better job with your family in the future. This will also give her an opportunity to voice any of her concerns and wishes.

Did you know?
Our Placement Counselors will always walk you through the process of a written agreement with your nanny and supply you with a personalized agreement tailored to fit your family. Are you ready to start your nanny search?

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