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Temporary Care Rates


Ideal for families who want regular date nights and weekend help from screened and reliable caregivers.

Our subscription details:

Monthly Subscription

$125 per month

Note: The monthly subscription fee is the agency fee. Subscribers must also pay the sitter directly for all hours worked.


  • 3 evenings or weekend days per month.
  • Additional evenings/days – $40/shift.
  • Rate paid to sitter – $30-$35 per hour.
  • 4 hour minimum, 6pm or later start for evenings.

Per Diem Temporary Care

Ideal for families looking for coverage on an as-needed basis, to cover a permanent caregiver’s vacation days, or to find coverage for short-term hotel stays.

Our per diem temporary care details:

Per Diem Temporary Care


Note: The per shift fee is the agency fee. Clients must also pay the caregiver directly for all hours worked.


  • Rate paid to caregiver – $30-$35 per hour.
  • Please note: We do not offer backup care.