Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts
Boston Nanny Centre, Inc. the leading nanny agency in Massachusetts

Job Details:

  • Start: August 15th is ideal, but flexible for the month of August
  • Ages of Children: 10yo, 6yo, 3yo
  • Driving: Driver’s license required. Home is T accessible. Off-street parking available if driving to arrive. Family car available during the shift.
  • Schedule: M-F 11:30am-7:30pm (40 guaranteed hours)
    • Ability to begin at 8 or 8:30am on no school days is required (shift will end early these days).
    • Covering the occasional, infrequent overnight is also required.
  • Pets: 1 large, friendly dog who loves walks!
  • Travel: Optional, but strongly preferred. 2 weeks per year to destinations like Florida or colder climates perfect for skiing!
  • Salary: $32-35/hr + healthcare stipend + a PTO package that includes 3 weeks of paid vacation, plus paid holidays and sick/personal days!

Additional Information:

A busy Brookline family of 5 is excited to find the perfect nanny match for their family – someone who is professional, experienced, and able to easily manage the schedules of multiple children! Their ideal start date is August 15th. Of their 3 outdoorsy, nature-enthused sons (ages 10, 6, and 3), the oldest two attend full day school and the youngest is in a half day program.

The schedule for this position is M-F 11:30am-7:30pm for a guarantee of 40 hours/week. The ability to begin at 8am or 8:30am on no school days is required (shift will end early on these days). Covering the occasional, infrequent overnight will also be required. Each day includes picking up the youngest child from his program, meeting the others after school, transportation to activities, helping with and supervising homework, providing the children with a healthy dinner each evening, and maintaining a structured, cohesive evening schedule for the household. The nanny will also be responsible for children’s laundry, simple children’s meal preparation, packing lunches and backpacks, keeping track of household item stock, cleaning up after dinner, and general tidying.

This position offers an awesome travel opportunity to Florida and other locations with colder climates that are perfectly suited for skiing! Travel is not required, but it is strongly preferred. The family sets off on adventures for 2 weeks of year and is hoping to meet someone who is excited to join them as they explore the world.

It is important that candidates are discreet, reliable, and no stranger to multitasking. Those who are active, patient, organized, and able to swim are perfect for this bustling household! Walking to most activities is preferred over using the car and an adventurous day to each day is very appreciated! Both parents work hybrid schedules, spending some of the time working at home from closed offices and some time working in person or traveling. Candidates must be fully vaccinated, including the COVID vaccine and booster (when applicable).

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